Key message: Cement imports were down 31% in CY22, although port disruptions and a weak currency likely are having an impact. Import protection from government now appears unlikely.

  • July to December 2022 saw imports of 348kt, down 25% from the same period in 2021. Cement imports fell 31% to 730kt for CY22. Cement imports are down 32% on a 12-month rolling basis.
  • Port disruptions and the weak currency are impacting imports, with the FOB price increasing as a result.
  • There is apparently a new brand that has arrived from Pakistan – this will reflect in March stats.
  • Cement prices in South Africa have increased, although different suppliers have instituted quite different increases (Afrisam +20%, PPC 5-10%, Sephaku held back price increases).
  • Cement demand appears to be down approx. 10%, although a recent uptick in building plans passed may improve demand (there has been a delay in building plan approval in Gauteng due to a system change – this appears to have now been resolved).

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