Key message: Cement imports were down 31% in CY22, although port disruptions and a weak currency likely are having an impact. Import protection from government now appears unlikely.

  • July to December 2022 saw imports of 348kt, down 25% from the same period in 2021. Cement imports fell 31% to 730kt for CY22.
  • Port disruptions and the weak currency are impacting imports, with the FOB price increasing as a result.
  • There is apparently a new brand that has arrived from Pakistan – this will reflect in March stats.
  • There has been no update on possible tariffs on all imported cement. Discussions with the dTi and the Minister do not seem to have been fruitful, with demands for price controls as a condition of imposing tariffs. This cannot be tenable for the cement industry facing cost increases of approx. 12% YoY and needing to recover this in pricing.

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