September 2021

Key message: September imports were high at over 150kt – supply chain issues do not seem to be impacting cement shipments.

  • September 2021 saw imports of 151 521 tons, a significant increase from July and August levels. The 12-month rolling annual import level is 1.226m tons, up 21% on the previous 12 months.
  • The banning of imported cement from government-funded projects will not reduce imports significantly, in our opinion, as government projects are a small customer of imported cement (the major customer is independent hardware stores selling to the retail market and some concrete product manufacturers). The ruling will also only impact coastal areas KZN, and to a much lesser extent E and W Cape (approx. 35% of SA’s cement demand). We believe the impact will be less than a 1% swing in cement sales moving to the local producers.
  • The more significant ruling (still awaited) would be ITAC tariffs on imported cement and clinker. This would likely result in an immediate 5% at least swing in market share back to the local producers.

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