New Vehicle Sales – November 2020

Key message: NAAMSA has changed the way they report new vehicle sales by brand. Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles are now grouped together. We have adjusted our tables and charts accordingly.

  • NAAMSA released November 2020 new vehicle sales. Total vehicles sales declined by 12% YoY, with passenger sales down 18.1% YoY. Light Commercial sales increased by 5.3% YoY. Vehicle exports declined by 7.6% YoY.
  • Passenger vehicle sales are down 31.9% for the year to date. Passenger car sales to rental fleets was 11.6% of total sales.
  • The Motus Import Basket (Hyundai, KIA, Renault, Mitsubishi) declined by 28.8% YoY. The Motus Import Basket market share declined to 14.0% from 16.8% in October.
  • Our Affordable and Premium baskets are running at 12-mnth moving averages down 28.8% and 29.4% respectively. We believe sales of affordable new cars will be impacted by significant rental car de-fleeting.
  • OEM’s with local manufacturing (BMW, Ford, Isuzu, Mahindra, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen) saw sales decline 9.1% YoY. Imported brands saw sales decline by 19.1% YoY.

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